Wild Side North Dark GreyWild Side North Russell GreyWild Side North National Red InkWild Side North Scarlet inkWild Side North Dolphin Orange inkWild Side North spice brown inkWild Side North old gold inkWild Side North vegas gold inkWild Side North kelly green inkWild Side North Dallas Green inkWild Side North aqua inkWild Side North contact blue inkWild Side North bears navy inkWild Side North navy inkWild Side North rhodamine red ink
  • Wild Side North Dark Grey
  • Wild Side North Russell Grey
  • Wild Side North National Red Ink
  • Wild Side North Scarlet ink
  • Wild Side North Dolphin Orange ink
  • Wild Side North spice brown ink
  • Wild Side North old gold ink
  • Wild Side North vegas gold ink
  • Wild Side North kelly green ink
  • Wild Side North Dallas Green ink
  • Wild Side North aqua ink
  • Wild Side North contact blue ink
  • Wild Side North bears navy ink
  • Wild Side North navy ink
  • Wild Side North rhodamine red ink

Wild Side North All Purpose Ink


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Wild Side North All Purpose Ink

  • Smooth body
  • Cures at 310° for one minute
  • Good on 50/50s and 100% cotton

Soft, creamy plastisol designed for both direct and cold peel transfer printing applications. WSN Ink has excellent coverage on dark fabrics, yet, easily adjusts to a "softhand" finish on light or white fabrics. Excellent results can be obtained in direct printing Wet-on-Wet without any build up of colors.

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Gallon, Quart


Dark Grey, Russell Grey, National Red, Scarlet, Dolphin Orange, Spice Brown, Old Gold, Vegas Gold, Kelly Green, Dallas Green, Aqua, Contact Blue, Bears Navy, Navy, Rhodamine Red, Dark Green

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