Wilflex Epic Quick White


Wilflex Epic Quick White is a high-quality white ink designed for cotton/poly blends, offering excellent opacity, bleed resistance, and a soft feel.
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Wilflex Epic Quick White

  • Excellent Opacity and Coverage: Wilflex Epic Quick White boasts exceptional opacity, ensuring vivid and vibrant prints with superb coverage, even on dark-colored fabrics.
  • Bright White: Delivering a pristine, bright white hue, this premium ink enhances the visual appeal of printed designs, creating eye-catching graphics that stand out.
  • Excellent Bleed Resistance on Poly-Blends: Designed for cotton/poly blends, Wilflex Epic Quick White offers outstanding bleed resistance, maintaining crisp edges and preventing color migration, even on challenging substrates.
  • Premium Soft Hand, Drape, and Fiber Mat-Down: Achieve unparalleled softness and comfort with prints that boast a luxurious hand feel, smooth drape, and minimized fiber mat-down, enhancing the overall quality and feel of garments.
  • Market Leader in Overall Performance: Renowned for its superior performance, Wilflex Epic Quick White is the industry leader, trusted by professionals for its consistent results and reliability in various printing applications.
  • Excellent for Vector and Fine Mesh Half-Tone Graphics: Whether you're printing intricate vector designs or fine mesh half-tone graphics, this ink delivers impeccable detail and precision, ensuring stunning results every time.
  • Commendable Printability on Both Manual and Automatic Presses: With its user-friendly formulation, Wilflex Epic Quick White offers commendable printability on both manual and automatic presses, facilitating smooth and efficient printing processes.
  • Mesh Count 86-305: Compatible with mesh counts ranging from 86 to 305, this versatile ink accommodates different printing preferences and techniques, offering flexibility and adaptability.
  • Use on Cotton/Poly Blends, Cure at 300°F: Specifically formulated for cotton/poly blends, optimized for durability and longevity, with curing temperatures set at 300°F for optimal results.

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