WM Plastics Curable Reducer


Reduce ink viscosity to facilitate an easier printing process
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Introducing WM Plastics Curable Reducer, designed to enhance the performance of screen printing inks with ease and reliability.

Enhanced Printability: Reduce ink viscosity effortlessly, making printing smoother and more efficient.

Curable Formula: Our reducer is curable by itself, ensuring worry-free adjustments to ink viscosity without compromising curing integrity.

Improved Wet-on-Wet Printing: Enhance wet-on-wet printability of colors, allowing for seamless transitions and vibrant results.

Flexible Usage: Add up to 15% by weight, with the option to increase if necessary. A 5% addition can reduce ink viscosity by 25%.

Compatibility: Compatible with traditional inks curing at 270°F without affecting flash or curing times. Not recommended for use with low-cure inks at 230°F.


  • Thin consistency for easy mixing and application.
  • Curable by itself, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Applications: Ideal for reducing ink viscosity to facilitate easier printing processes, optimizing print quality and efficiency.

Experience the convenience and reliability of WM Plastics Curable Reducer—an essential addition for any screen printer.

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Gallon, 3.5 Gallon

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