WM Plastics Soft Hand Base NB


Tack-free, softens prints, extends ink, improves print characteristics.
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Introducing WM Plastics Soft Hand No Build Base: Elevating Your Screen Printing Experience

Innovative Design: Meticulously crafted, removes ink tackiness for smoother prints. It softens final prints and extends ink capabilities.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for cotton, polyester blends, and more, it enhances print characteristics while offering a soft finish. Soft Hand No Build Base adapts to various substrates.

Exceptional Features: With its tack-free formula, this base reduces ink tackiness effectively, ensuring clarity and softness in prints. It's self-curable, providing added convenience in the printing process.

Enhanced Printability: Facilitating improved wet-on-wet printability, enabling seamless color transitions. Compatible with mesh ranges from 60 to 280, it ensures vibrant and consistent prints.

Optimal Cure Range: Operating between 270°F to 325°F, Soft Hand No Build Base guarantees consistent and durable prints. Its maximum loading capacity of 15% allows for flexible adjustments to meet specific printing needs.

Elevate your screen printing projects—an essential solution for achieving superior, versatile prints with enhanced comfort and quality.

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Gallon, 3.5 Gallon

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