Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White


Excellent opacity and coverage and great bleed resistance on poly-blends
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Revolutionize Your Prints with Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White:

Embark on a transformative journey with Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White, an ink that transcends conventional expectations. Boasting brilliant white and exceptional opacity, this meticulously crafted solution is designed to elevate your screen printing projects.

Key Features that Captivate:

  • Revel in Excellent Opacity and Coverage, Brilliant White
  • Experience Outstanding Bleed Resistance on Poly-Blends
  • Adaptability for Manual and Automatic Printing
  • Ideal for Use as an Underbase (Flash White) or Highlight White

Essential Printing Tips for Mastery:

To achieve optimum results, seamlessly integrate key elements into your setup—maintain consistency in a high-tensioned screen mesh, ensure proper off-contact, and employ sharp-edged squeegees. These foundational components maximize the potential of Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White, resulting in sharp, vibrant prints.

Valuable Techniques for Full-Bodied Brilliance:

Recognizing Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White as a full-bodied ink, invaluable tips for both manual and automatic printing are at your fingertips. Initiate a hard flood stroke, apply medium squeegee pressures, and execute a moderate to fast print stroke. These techniques enhance fiber matte and ink opacity, transforming your prints into artistic masterpieces.

Crucial Post-Printing Steps:

Post-printing steps are just as vital. Flash prints at 220°F for 3 - 5 seconds or until the ink is just dry to the touch, adjusting based on production variables. This ensures prints are prepped for the final cure. Set your cure temperature at 300°F; Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White remains temperature-stable up to 350°F, offering peace of mind in various printing scenarios.

Versatility Beyond Expectations:

Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White extends its versatility beyond being an exceptional white ink. Excellent bleed resistance on poly-blends makes it a reliable choice for various fabrics. Whether manual or automatic printing is your preference, this is a versatile solution for diverse printing setups.

Unleash Your Creativity:

Yet, the versatility doesn't stop there. Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White is not just a standard ink; it's a versatile performer that excels as an underbase (flash white) or as a highlight white. Whether layering colors or crafting intricate designs, this will serve as your reliable partner in achieving the perfect print.

Experience Screen Printing Mastery:

Experience the epitome of screen printing excellence with Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White. Elevate your craft with these invaluable tips, and witness your designs come to life with unparalleled vibrancy and precision. Order your Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright Tiger White today and step into a new era of screen printing mastery.

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