WM Plastics Ultimate White HO LB


High Opacity and Low Bleed
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WM Plastics Ultimate White stands as our bestseller, excelling in high-opacity and low-bleed properties. Formulated for maximum brightness, it facilitates easy printing through mesh counts up to 300, offering unmatched bleed resistance and body characteristics.

Renowned for its brilliance, this ink captures attention with its unparalleled brightness, ensuring a seamless printing experience. Its standout feature lies in exceptional bleed resistance, maintaining print integrity on various substrates, making it a reliable choice for direct printing on light, medium, and dark-colored garments.

Boasting great body and fast-flashing attributes, WM Plastics Ultimate White enhances efficiency for screen printers. Whether working with cotton/polyester blends or 100% polyester, it proves adaptable to diverse materials.

Screen printers achieve optimal results within a mesh range of 86-300, while the recommended cure range of 260°F to 325°F ensures consistent and durable prints. For guidance, the user guide and safety data sheet (SDS) are readily available.

In summary, WM Plastics Ultimate White is a testament to our commitment to superior screen printing solutions. Elevate your prints with the industry's leading white ink, designed for maximum brightness, adaptability, and bleed resistance.


  • Great body
  • Fast flashing
  • Super bright
  • High opacity for great coverage
  • Great bleed resistance


  • Direct Printing
  • Light, medium, & dark colored garments
  • Cotton/polyester & 100% polyester

Mesh: 86-300

Cure Range: 260° F - 325° F

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Gallon, 5 Gallon, 3.5 Gallon

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