EPIC Ink Colors by Wilflex


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EPIC Ink Colors by Wilflex

  • Wilflex Plastisol inks are formulated for high productivity wet-on-wet printing
  • Substrates:  100% cotton, cotton blends, polyester, some nylon
  • Also used for conventional cold-peel transfers
  • Mesh (on lights): 110-280
  • Mesh (on darks): 86-120
  • Mesh (fine line): 230-305
  • Extender:  Up to 20% (by weight) 10150PFX Finesse
  • Reducer:  Up to 5% (by weight) 10070PFXCR Curable Reducer
  • Gel Temperature:  230 F
  • Cure Temperature:  330 F
  • Transfer Temperature:  350 F

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