Wilflex Epic Bolt LC White


Low-Bleed and Low Cure
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Unleash Vibrancy with Wilflex Epic LC Bolt White Screen Printing Ink

Are you searching for the perfect white ink that delivers unmatched opacity, exceptional printability, and a flawless finish? Look no further than Wilflex Epic LC Bolt White Screen Printing Ink. This revolutionary ink promises to bring your designs to life with brilliant clarity and unparalleled brightness.

Why Choose Wilflex Epic LC Bolt White?

Superior Opacity and Coverage

  • High opacity, providing a solid, crisp white base.
  • Brilliant white finish enhances vibrancy.

Smooth and Creamy Consistency

  • Premium soft hand, drape, and fiber-matte down properties.
  • Effortless glide ensures even distribution and minimal clogging.

Eco-Friendly and Phthalate-Free

  • Meets strict environmental standards, supporting sustainability.

Versatility Across Fabrics

  • Exceptional performance on cotton, polyester, and blends.
  • Excellent bleed resistance on poly-blends.

Fast Flash and Low Cure

  • Low cure saves energy and reduces bleed defects.
  • Ideal for high-volume orders with quick turnaround times.

Commendable Printability

  • Perfect for vector and fine mesh half-tone graphics.
  • Suitable for both manual and automatic presses.

Best Practices

  • Stir inks before printing.
  • Use high-tensioned screen mesh and sharp-edged squeegees.
  • Fast print strokes and low-medium squeegee pressure for fine mesh.
  • Curing at 270°F - 320°F (132°C - 160°C).

Special Instructions for Polyester Fabrics

  • For 100% polyester, cure at 270°F (132°C) and pre-test for bleed resistance.
  • For challenging fabrics, use a bleed-blocking underbase like EPIC Armor LC Gray or Black.

Transform Your Prints Today

Choose Wilflex Epic LC Bolt White for the brightest whites, unmatched opacity, and eco-friendly properties. Experience the excellence in every print.

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