RhinoSpray RS1500A High Pressure Screen Cleaner


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RS1500A Heavy Duty High Pressure Screen Cleaner 

A very quiet unit. The RS1500A puts out 1450 PSI for textile and graphic shops. It comes with a 26’ high-pressure hose, trigger gun control and fully adjustable nozzle. Maximum inlet temperature of 140 degrees.

  • Fully rebuildable 3-Piston pump and motor unit
  • 1 year warranty on pump and motor
  • Replacement Wand Tip & Gun Half Wand parts available
  • 1450 PSI, 2.0 GPM, 2.0 HP Elec, 120V/19Amps

Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in
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