Odyssey II Floor Model Printers




Odyssey Series II Manual Printers

  • Second Generation – All-New Design!!!
  • New Printhead & Microregistration – Improved Micro is now spring-loaded
  • Tiny adjustments are easier than ever
  • Improved Print-Arm Cradle Bracket – Makes a stronger more stable print arm with less deflection
  • Capture Fork and Bearing System – EZ and fast print-arm to print-station registration
  • The same system used on Workhorse automatic presses!
  • Extended Center Shaft – A longer spine strengthens the entire unit
  • Quick Release Rubber Coated Aluminum Pallets on floor model printers
  • System allows for quicker changeovers

Click here for Odyssey Floor Model Press video

Click here for Odyssey Benchtop Press video


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