Ink and Emulsion Remover – One Step Clear


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Franmar One Step Clear Ink and Emulsion Remover for Dip Tank Systems

One Step Clear is a concentrate to be diluted with tap water in the tank: 6 parts water: 1 part concentrate* (* High mineral and/or iron content water mix 4 parts water: 1 part concentrate) Scrape all excess ink from screen. Submerge screen in the tank for 2-4 minutes. Place screen in washout booth and rinse using a pressure washer. Dehazing mesh is recommended as a final step.

  • Concentrated formula for use in dip tanks
  • Removes emulsion, stencil, or capillary film
  • Can be used as a direct apply
  • Removes plastisol, UV, and water-based inks
  • Safe to reclaim wood, aluminum, or roller frames
  • Long-lasting (up to 6 months)

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