Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes the ink to wash out or crack when laundered?

The most common reason for wash out and cracking in the ink is undercure. Wash out will usually occur with thin deposits of ink, whereas cracking is common with thick, undercured deposits of ink. In order to achieve a total cure, the ink must reach the temperature recommended by the ink manufacturer. Most plastisol inks must reach a temperature of 320 degrees F (160 C).

Q: What is a RIP?

A RIP (Raster Image Processor) translates files from one computer language to another. It is needed to allow computers to communicate with non-postscript devices including inkjet printers. If you have a printer and wish to print halftones or control FM dither (squaredot), you need a RIP.

Q: Why is my ink so thick and what can I do or use to thin it?

Plastisol inks can thicken over time, just sitting on the shelf. We recommend that you try stirring or mixing the ink. This will help break down the ‘false body’ that inks can get after long periods of storage. If stirring or mixing is not sufficient, use our Curable Reducer at the recommended percentages.

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